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Square Biscuits was born from our passion for food, family, and the North Center neighborhood. We’ve created a wholesome menu utilizing local products, being conscious of the decisions we make and how it effects our community.


It’s a home cooked meal our grandparents would be proud of, and one we’re honored to serve our families. Let us take you down memory lane and we’ll have you feeling like you’ve returned home. Thank you for making us a part of your family.

Executive Chef


Kevin has honed his skills in hospitality and as a chef over the last 20 years. His journey began as a child learning the ins and outs at his parent’s bar with small kitchen in Racine, WI. After five years in the United States Marine Corps, he was honorably discharged and returned to the Midwest. With a keen understanding of flavor profiles and a desire to lead a ragtag group full of promise and passion, Kevin attended Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago. He successfully ran several restaurants, most notably in Milwaukee, but the call of having a personal connection with his team and guests drew him back to the Windy City.


Kevin believes a great meal is simple well crafter flavors with quality ingredients, surrounded by good company, and that is what he strives for at Square Biscuits.



As a southside kid growing up I got a love of food from my Aunt Nancy and watching my dad grill. After high school I enjoyed working with hands and became an import car mechanic while fulfilling my love for food by cooking at home for my family. After a while turning wrenches and busting my knuckles sucked so I decided to turn my love of food into a career.  After completion of culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu I worked with Chef Kevin on occasion around Chicago. After some time I decided I would take a shot at owning my own spot. I found an awesome little store front serving bbq in Chicago’s Northcenter. I did well in BBQ competitions in the greater Chicago area. After cooking bbq for a few years I wanted the softer side of me to come out as well as have more opportunity for face time with my guests. I thought that breakfast would be a better path for this choice. This became the birth of Square Biscuits where I would team back up with Chef Kevin to take on Lincoln Ave and its breakfast scene. We are now evolving to craft sandwiches in the PM time frame.

Square Biscuits

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